Once a respected mayor, Rudy Guiliani has devolved into an absolute laughing stock to most Americans.  He seems to get crazier by the day and his legal problems are mounting due to his unflinching support of Donald Trump which has been rewarded by Trump thowing him under the bus. I almost feel sorry for him; I said ‘almost’.

In June, Giuliani’s allies created a “Freedom Fund” for public donations to help the former New York mayor and Manhattan U.S. attorney with his legal woes.  Personally, I see Rudy in jail or possibly institutionalized.

One thing is I’m willing to bet a large amount of money that The Donald won’t be donating.

So now, should someone with no teeth want to surprise their mee-maw with a personalized message from Giuliani, they can. Giuliani has joined Cameo, a service that sells personalized videos recorded by celebrities and is one step away from hosting club events, joining OnlyFans or begging on GoFundMe.