Ex-President Donald Chump has a pathological need to be constantly in the news and he is certainly succeeding in that endeavor. However, the vast majority of stories involving him, just prove to the world at large what a complete self-absorbed, whiny loser as well as a disgusting human being he is.

He also behaves like a spoiled child when he doesn’t get his way, resorting to outright bullying if anybody defies him. If you’re nort 100% with him, his petulance becomes manic. The following story is from The Independentt.

“Mr Pence, who was 24 hours away from presiding over a joint session of Congress to confirm the results of the 2020 presidential race, refused the former president’s request, saying “No”. He was forced to flee the House chamber along with Democrat and Republican lawmakers as rioters assaulted the building on 6 January, in events that saw five people lose their lives. In what was likely his final encounter with Mr Trump before that attack, Mr Pence went on to say that he had “done everything” he could to “find a way around this”, but that it was “simply not possible”.

Sad, petulant, pathetic

As Forrest Gump said “Stupid is as stupid does.”