These Republican overnors obviously couldn’t care less about saving peoples lives.  They are intent on banning mask mandates, even while infection rates are spiking and hospitals are overflowing. I’d say this was a matter of principles, except none of these people have any.  They are terrified of Trump and his supporters; which makes them spineless cowards.  One can only hope that they catch the virus and don’t recover from it!

Greg Abbott
Governor of Texas

In Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott has banned local governments from implementing mask requirements even as he pleads for emergency medical help in combating a surge in coronavirus cases from the delta variant.

Kristi Noem
Governor of South Dakota

In South Dakota, Gov. Kristi Noem welcomed hundreds of thousands of revelers to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally that last year bore characteristics of a superspreader event for the virus.

Ron deSantis
Governor of Florida

And in Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis is waging war on school districts seeking to defy his executive order prohibiting mask mandates for students – while the state sees its rates of hospitalization from covid surge past the worst levels of 2020.  Ron, you are a heartless piece of shit!

Keven McCarthy
Trump lapdog

You got that right, Kevin. You are an absolute moron.