The anti-vaxxer movement is alive and well, but fortunately many of these absolute morons are dying of COVID. I wonder if any of them regretted their stupidity in their last few moments or understood how incredibly selfish they were.  Honestly, I doubt it.

Religious Leaders

Church Leaders have been against social distancing and lockdowns since day one. After all, how else would they get the donations they need to support the extravagant life styles that most of them live.

Since then, though a large number of them have been ‘called to Jesus’ which leads me to wonder if God really wanted them back or if there isn’t a God in the first place and these are, for the most part, con men.

Well, it does look like you were almost right in this instance, Rick, but it wasn’t the vaccine that killed them. It was their refusal to take it. Below are all the anti-vaxxers or  nut jobs I’ve been able to find, who have succumbed to COVID. I have sympathy for their families, but none of them are a loss to humanity, just ignorant fools who should have known better..

Ravi Zacharias
Church leader & Sexual Abuser

Isaac Graham

Reginald Foster
Latinist Scholar

Rev. Jorge Ortiz-Garay
1st US Catholic Priest to die of COVID

Harry R. Jackson Jr
Donsld Trump’s Evangelical Advisor

Rev. Dr. Ron Hampton
Louisiana Pastor

It does make me wonder how many of their parishioners deaths they are responsible for by their irresponsible actions. I suspect that number runs in the thousands. Hopefully there is a Hell and they (the preachers) have all found themselves there.

Stephen Harmon
Church Member

We don’t care about anybody else!


Other Absolute Morons

A conservative Florida radio host and proud idiot who named himself “Mr. Anti-Vax” because he was…well, you get it…has died, proving to everyone that he wasn’t going to let no stupid government tell him how to live his life.”

David Parker
Nightclub Manager (UK)

Linda Zuern
Trump Supporter
QANON adherent
Conspiracy Theorist

John Eyers (UK)
Fitness Fanatic

Dick Farel
Radio Host

Daniel Trujillo
Sherriffs Deputy

Brandy Vaughan
Anti-Vaxxer Activist

H Scott Apley
GOP Politician

Lesley Lawrenson
Solicitor (UK)