For the past month, I’ve been scouring the news sources for stories that demonstrate stupidity or nastiness which is, in my opinion, the same thing.

I started with 4 headings :Partisan; Delusional; Oh Boy! and General.

Every week there were dozens of ‘stories’ that fit the bill, but, sadly,  the Partisan section had the most entries, by far. Without exception every single one of these was from the GOP or extreme right wingers like Fucker Carlson.

I am neither a Republican or a Democrat but if I was a registered Republican, I would be ashamed of my party.  All it is interested in thse day is trying to rig elections and stop anything the democrats want to do.  The craziness and nastiness is astonishing.

What is more astonishing is the allegiance being shown to the ex-president, a failure in office, a failure in business and a failure as a human being.  He is a bully above all else and, for some strange reason, many people are afraid of getting on his bad side. Grow a set of balls, people.  He is intent on destroying the country out of spite and jealousy, and the sooner he drops dead, the better.

I cannot think of one nice thing to say about him but I have enjoyed collating the best cartoons/funnies. Whether you love him or hate him, if you can’t get a laugh out of some of these, there is something seriously wrong with you.

And there are the anti-vaxxers, who are rabid in their determination not to get vaccinated.  COVID is doing a really good job of culling the herd with them.  What these anti-vaxxers don’t realize, or perhaps they don’t care, is that they are likely to catch  COVID and when they do, they are going to wish that they had been vaccinated. (My younger brother almost died from COVID and he says it is the worst thing that he has ever gone through in his entire life, and he wouldn’t wish it on his worst enemy.)

Apart from that they are putting everyone they come into contact with at risk; their families, their friends, their kids and the kids that they play with.  I’m sorry but it’s completely and utterly selfish and they really should be ashamed of yourselves.

I’ve never taken a flu shot but I took the vaccine because this disease is awful beyond words. Might there be long term effects because it was rushed to market? Sure, but everyday we eat foods that are full of chemicals and much more dangerous than the vaccine.

To be perfectly honest, it has been quite depressing so I’ve decided to grab fewer stories and just post them on the Home Page.

But if you’d like to take a look for yourself at all the stories I’ve captured, click any of the buttons below: